Summer Survival Gift Idea

Summer Survival Gift Idea

Hey guys!  Can you believe that summer is here?!  I mean, it’s really here!!  Our kids have one more week of school before summer break.  And we have so many fun camping trips planned this year… we can’t wait to hit the road!  But first lets talk about this Summer Survival Kit shall we?!

My close friend Amy was a blessing these last few months as I finished a five week practicum for my Certified Education Assistant course.  She helped care for our kids and was always there for me to rely on.  I wanted to give her a thank you gift that both she and her boys would enjoy.  This would be fun for friends, family or even teachers to receive as a gift! Let me show you what was in our bucket…

Summer Survival Gift Idea

Lets see… we included:  diving toys, inflatable pool noodles, pool noodle swords, water bottles, ice cubes, wine cork, bottle tags, sundae cups and spoons, eos lip balm and hand lotion.  I also added a GC for a family movie night and a GC to Starbucks for momma.  All of these goodies were found at our local dollar store!  I grabbed a plastic bucket and filled it up with our summer survival gear.

Other ideas that would be fun: water guns, water balloons, coloring book and crayons, kites, bbq apron, bbq utensils, picnic blanket, towels, hats, sunscreen, snacks, wet wipes, juice boxes, lotion, beach ball, flip flops, chalk, snorkle set, band aids, beach umbrella, small air mattress, water mister, mini fan, gum, sunglasses, a good book, butterfly net, hoola hoop, bug box, frisbee.

The ideas are endless! Use your friends interests to create a custom Summer Survival Kit!  Is your friend a grill master?  Fill an ice bucket with all sorts of BBQ supplies and your have the perfect instant gift!

Summer Survival Gift Idea

Fun right?!  Who would you give a Summer Survival Kit to?

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