Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorial

Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorial How cool are these super hero beads?  

Seriously they are so easy to make!  The boys are really starting to get into Super Heroes and it’s so much fun!  Dressing up and playing good guys vs. bad guys ~ it’s too cute.  So I thought that I’d create some fun beads to accessorize with.
They can be used for necklaces {tutorial coming soon}, 
bracelets, zipper pulls, key chains, buttons… the possibilities are endless!  
Let’s make some Super Heroes…

Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorialMaterials
Oven Bake Clay {Sculpey or Fimo} in 
white, red, blue, green, yellow and black
Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorialI used six – one ounce bars and had enough clay for forty beads.  Be sure to keep the clay in an air tight container and work on a clean, non porous surface. Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorialBegin by pinching off a section of clay and rolling it in your hands to form a ball.  Each of my beads were about 3/4 inch in diameter but you can make them as big or as little as you want.  Remember the smaller the bead, the finer the features will need to be.  

On the right I have a red circle for Spiderman and on the left a red oval for Ironman. Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorialContinue to use your fingers and hands to shape the features of your superheros.  Be sure to wash your hands in between clay colors.  Adhere the features to the clay ball by simply pressing the features firmly into the ball.  If that doesn’t work you can also lightly score the back of your feature and the spot on the ball where you want it to go with your toothpick.  This will allow for exceptional adhesion.  

At the bottom of this photo I have a yellow oval formed for a Batman symbol. Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorialBe creative!  I googled super hero images and created my own cartoon version of each one.  

Here we have Ironman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, 
the Batman logo and the Green Lantern logo. 

Before setting each bead aside, poke a hole straight through the middle using the toothpick. Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorial

 Here is a sketch of each of the ten super hero beads that I created.  
You can click on it and print it out if you would like. Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorialPlace the beads in an oven safe dish and bake as directed.  For me that was 60 minutes at 275 degrees. Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorialIsaiah was thrilled to watch them be created and made personal requests for certain heroes! Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorial Here’s the whole lineup {minus the green super hero ~ we’re still debating his identity ~ Robin or the Green Lantern?}.  You can also find these in my Etsy Shop if you want to skip the whole process entirely and go straight to the embellishing.  
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Super Hero Beads ~ a tutorial
Later this week I’m going to show you how to create your very own Super Hero Necklace {or bracelet}.  We’ll be using hemp and an old school technique that I learned back in the day when I was at summer camp as a kid.  Until then….
have an awesome day!
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