Super Hero Hemp Necklace ~ Tutorial

hemp necklace how toHey peeps!  
Here is the Hemp Necklace tutorial that I promised a while back.  
It’s really easy, something that kids can learn quite quickly too. This would be a great craft for summer CAMP!  So here we go…
super hero hemp necklace You will need a roll of hemp and some cool beads.  Pony beads work great for these necklaces or you can  create your own Super Hero Beads or enter my GIVEAWAY to win some even!
          April 2012 686Start by measuring how long you want your necklace to be.  I measure around my neck and add a few inches.  For me this measurement was 22 inches. You need two strands of hemp 1 1/2 times your desired length.  For example I cut a piece of hemp 66 inches long and folded in half so that each strand was 33 inches long.  Next you need two more stands of hemp about 4 times as long as your desired length.  For example I cut a piece of hemp 176 inches long and folded it in half so that each stand was 88 inches long.  Make sense?  What you don’t want to have happen is to run out of hemp half way through your project, so be generous.April 2012 687   Tie a knot where you folded each piece of hemp in half.  So you have a loop at one end and four stands {two short and two long} at the other.over1 Now for the knot.
The two short pieces of hemp always stay straight down the middle.
Start with the long pieces on the outside and remember this little ditty that my grandma taught me, “over, over, under, through”.
Put the long piece on the right side over the two short pieces in the middle.
over2Now put the long piece on the left side over the right piece.
underContinue with the left piece and put it under the two middle pieces.
throughStill using the left piece of hemp, pull it through the loop that the right piece had created.  Pull each of the long pieces to tighten the stitch.

To create a flat stitch {like the Batman necklace}, alternate starting sides.  Start from the right and on the next stitch, start from the left.  To create a spiral look {like the Ironman Necklace}, do not alternate starting sides.  Always start your stitch on the right.

Over, over, under, through.
April 2012 695 Add beads on the two short pieces and simply continue with a longer stitch around them.April 2012 698 When you’ve reached your desired length you can knot the ends together…April 2012 699or tie a bead to one end and use the loop to catch on it. hemp necklace tutorialIronman Necklacehemp necklace tutorialBatman Necklacehemp bracelet tutorialBatman Bracelet.

If you make one will you let me know?  

I would love to see it!

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