Super Mario 7th Birthday Party

Super Mario Birthday Party-048

Welcome to our Super Mario 7th Birthday Party!  Our twinnies turned seven last month {I still cannot believe it} and we had a blast celebrating with a snack bar, a few games at home, then pizza, mini golf and video games at the local arcade.

Super Mario Birthday Party-049

This year party planning was a little bit different.  We gave the boys the option of having separate parties {as we have in the past} and they really were undecided until the last minute whether they would celebrate together or on separate days with separate parties.  Having twins in definitely interesting.  Other factors that delayed planning were my going back to college {and becoming uber busy}, a teacher strike that had school starting late and switching schools only three weeks into the year and right before their birthday.  Planning literally took place three days before the party but even Darcy said that he thought that it was our best party yet!  Who knew?!  So here are all of the details… without a good picture of the boys because the only birthday photo of them that we have is in a crowded, dark party room at the arcade on my iPhone.  ha ha

Super Mario Birthday Party-025

I found these super cute party labels from Peonies and Poppyseeds and printed off a few to use at our snack station.

Super Mario Birthday Party-028

And on the straws! lol

Fire Power Veggies

We had Fire Power Flower Vegetables…

Fire Power Flower Veggies

More details on this adorable veggie tray can be found here.

Super Mario Birthday Party-055

I had painted a quick red brick pattern onto a roll of craft paper to create a “table cloth / runner” for our kitchen island turned brick wall snack station.

Super Mario Birthday Party-039

More printables were used for the water bottles.

Super Mario Birthday Party-038

Super cute side note:  when I asked Cameron and Isaiah what they wanted to drink at their party they both said “flavoured water”.  What a treat! lol

Chocolate Moustaches

I created a few chocolate moustaches to use as prizes for games.  Michaels has a really rad chocolate moustache mould.

Super Mario Birthday Party-033

“Mario and Luigi Moustaches”

Star Power Cookies

If you know me well then you know that I am not the biggest fan of making sugar cookies.  They are a lot of work in my opinion *wink*.  But for my kids…

Star Power Cookies

well I couldn’t NOT make these adorable Star Power sugar cookies for our snack station!

Super Mario Birthday Party-059Yoshi Egg Hunt

We played three games before moving the party to the video arcade.  First a Mario Party bingo game that I found on etsy, second a pin the moustache on Mario game {shown below} and finally a Yoshi egg hunt.

Yoshi Egg Hunt

Just before we were ready to go to the video arcade I sent Darcy outside to hide these “Yoshi Eggs”.  Most of them hid chocolate gold coins inside.  When we were ready to go, all of the children put their outside gear on and looked for five golden coins.  When they had found their five golden coins they were done searching and allowed the other children to get an equal opportunity to find coins.  Then we loaded into vehicles and let the meyham continue at the arcade {which was a first for us and totally fun}.

Super Mario Birthday Party-023

We used a lot of balloons to decorate this year as they were just so simple and easy to make.  Here is some squid kind of guy.  The kids told me his proper name but I have forgotten it already…

Bomb Balloon

A bomb balloon…Boo Balloon

A boo balloon…

Super Mario Birthday Party-019

And all of the balloons hanging to separate the living room from the kitchen.

Pin the Moustache on Mario

Our “pin the moustache on Mario” game was a hit!  So fun to spin those little guys around and see where their moustache would end up!

Pin the Moustache on Mario Super Mario Birthday Party-047

Super Mario Birthday Party-061

That’s all folks!  Birthday parties done for another year.  Whew!  I have no idea what the plan is for next year but I have heard rumours of either Minions or Plants vs Zombies being contenders for a theme.  Our children are nothing if not creative *wink*  Thanks for visiting!


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