Superhero Bedroom Reveal

 We recently moved our twin boys out of their Pirate Ship room and into our spare room. 
After they grew out of their toddler beds we purchased bunk beds and the only room that new beds would fit in was our spare room.
I took advantage of the move to redecorate and create a Superhero room for our little guys.

I am so excited to share the final reveal with you!  This is a no commitment room because all of the superhero elements are easily removable and swapped out for the latest trend.  I have learned my lesson after painting an entire pirate ship in their last room {and having to paint over the entire ship later}.
This Super Man painting and two others {Ironman and Spiderman} were the finishing touches to the room.

We decided to stack the bunk beds to give the boys more room to play on the floor.  Superhero paintings are hung high on the wall to protect the dreams of our sleeping boys.

Click through for the whole reveal and video tour.

This little desk was the perfect find for their small room.  I painted it red and added DIY superhero drawer pulls.  For more desk details click here.

These ikea shelves also work in the small space to hide the boys toys in pull out totes.  All of their clothing is contained within their closet {score} which eliminates trying to find the space for a bulky dresser.

Here is the Ironman painting that I created {he is Cameron’s favorite}.  I used a three pack of canvases that I purchased from Walmart for $9.  Then I stuck them on the wall with that 3M putty stuff.

Here is Spiderman {Isaiah’s favorite}.  This pin of superhero posters was my inspiration.

I used ikea wire art hangers above the desk and created a “be the good” sign that I might still hang up later.


 I am loving how this room came together and so are the boys.

 Check out our video tour.
Thanks for swinging by!
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  1. Miss S. says

    Super cute! I did the curtain rods with drapery clips for my boy’s art in their room as well. It’s probably one of my favorite idea’s and I love to see other people do variations.

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