Superhero Crochet Beanies

What to do while watching The Big Bang Theory?
{my guilty pleasure of late}
Why, crochet the boys a couple of superhero beanies of course!

Superhero Crochet Beanies

 Cameron got his favorite ~ Ironman.

Superhero Crochet Beanies

But honestly he would be happy with any of the “red” heroes.  Ironman, “red” Robin or “the one that goes really fast” are his usual requests.

Isaiah got…

Superhero Crochet Beanies
Spiderman of course.

Superhero Crochet Beanies

I just winged the patterns and used white felt for the eyes.

Superhero Crochet Beanies

You can find more superhero goodies here.

Now back to The Big Bang Theory.


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