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Have you seen those flip shirts that say “ask me about my zombie costume” or “ask me about my pet trex” then when flipped inside out they have a zombie or trex image on the inside?  Google “flip shirt” and you will find them.  I thought this was a super cute concept and took it a step further to create these Superhero Flip T-shirts for my superhero loving boys.

Ironman Flip Shirt

This is Cameron as his favorite hero, Ironman.

Spiderman Flip Shirt

And here is Isaiah and his favorite hero, Spiderman.

The sky is the limit when it comes to which superhero your child would like to be.  

Here’s how to create your very own flip shirt…

Superhero Flip Shirt (2)

1.  Cut the words “ask me about my alter ego” out of freezer paper.  I used my cricut cutting machine but you can totally do this by hand too, it would just take a bit longer.

Superhero Flip Shirt (4)

2.  Iron the freezer paper stencil to the front of the shirt.  Be sure to press all of the edges down carefully.

Superhero Flip Shirt (5)

3.  Place a scrap piece of paper inside the shirt, underneath where you are painting so that the fabric paint doesn’t seep through to the back of the shirt.

Superhero Flip Shirt (6)

4.  Using fabric paint, color in the stencilled letters.  Allow this to dry completely.

Superhero Flip Shirt (7)

5.  Turn the t-shirt inside out.  Iron on a superhero freezer paper stencil.  Be sure to have the top of the head point towards the hem of the t-shirt so that when the shirt is flipped the superhero face is right side up.  I traced Ironman and Spiderman faces onto freezer paper and used them as a stencil.  You can find templates for these characters here.  Because the t-shirts that I was working with were white, I painted my superhero stencil with white fabric paint first so that the actual colors of our superheros wouldn’t show through to the front of the shirt.

Superhero Flip Shirt (8)

6.  Paint the character using fabric paints.

Superhero Flip Shirt (9) Superhero Flip Shirt (10)

7.  Add details using dimensional fabric paint if desired.

Superhero Flip Shirt (11)

8.  Peel off the freezer paper stencil and allow to dry completely.  Iron the back of the painted area to heat set it.
Now introducing…  

Superhero Flip Shirt (13)

Isaiah as…

Superhero Flip Shirt (15)


Superhero Flip Shirt (17)

Cameron as…

Superhero Flip Shirt (19)

Fun right?!

Stay tuned for more boy t-shirt goodness!

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  1. Victoria Burke says

    I am completely in LOVE with this. I know what I’ll be making for party favors for my sons superhero party in August. I was going to make capes but I love this so much more. It is more unique!


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