Take It Outside ~ Berry Picking

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Take It Outside ~ Berry Picking

Take It Outside!
Today is all about enjoying the fruits of our labours… or someone else’s. 😉 
Berry Picking that is.  Where we live, we are fortunate to be surrounded by orchards and vineyards.  Local fruit and produce is easy to come by and fun to pick from June to October.

If you live in an area where local produce is harder to find, consider going to a local farmer’s market, a fruit stand or even a field trip to the super market.  Discuss the different kinds of fruit and vegetables that you discover and have the kids pick out their favorites.
I often plan little field trips for my guys throughout the summer.  Time at home can seem to drag on, despite our best intentions.  I find that Cameron and Isaiah are better behaved when we are out {go figure} and our bedtime routine is smoother after a little fresh air.
This was our second annual trip to this local U-Pick farm.  Raspberries are usually in season mid-July, they have rows and rows and rows of raspberries!
The kids were each given their own bucket to fill.  We went right at the start of the season which was kind of hard for the kids because most of the ripe raspberries were high up, out of their reach.  I would wait a week or two next time.
We discussed how plants grow, what they need to grow, how to figure out when a raspberry is ripe and what we planned on doing with all of the raspberries that we were collecting.
We collected two icecream buckets full of raspberries in about an hour.  They were very inexpensive too ~ our total came to $8.75 I think.  After loading the raspberries and the boys in the van, I went to get a photo of the farm sign.  I told the boys not to move, I would be right back.  Wouldn’t you know it, when I got back to the van there was a perfect size 10 foot print, right in the centre of our raspberries.  Jam anyone?
If you live in the Okanagan here are a few of our favorite farms:
So head outside with your little ones and enjoy some fresh produce!
Thanks for following along. 
Be sure to stop by later this week for some fun outdoor crafts!
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  1. Farmie says

    Thanks so much!! I love hearing about the fun people have picking and hanging out at our farm. Was very nice meeting you and your family, look forward to seeing you again!! Jen Bellmann

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