Take It Outside ~ Bug Collecting

Welcome to day one of…

Take It Outside ~ Bug Collecting

Join us all week for some great ideas and activities
geared at keeping our boys busy outside this summer!
Today I am sharing an activity that my boys have always loved
Bug Collecting!
Our backyard abounds with creepy crawlies.  Especially these crawlies…er slimies?  Cameron and Isaiah are continually making new friends out of the multitudes of snails hidden in our garden.  And while technically snails are not insects at all but part of the mollusk family, they are still fun to collect.
Bug Collecting is a great activity for boys of all ages. 
 I think that the creepy, crawly gross factor grabs the attention of most boys ~ especially if there is a little sister or cousin around to scare.
I found some simple, little bug boxes at Dollerama.  The boys loved the idea of having a home for their “pets”.  They have also used; egg cartons, little tyke wagons, cups and flip flops as bug homes….  bug boxes were definitely an upgrade {and a relief as I no longer have to wash bug goo off of flip flops}!
Here are some cute Bug Box tutorials:
This little guy christened Isaiah’s bug box and he promptly wanted to invite his new eight legged friend inside.  Momma said that under no circumstances would his pet spider be allowed in the house.  He is still trying to negotiate.
I have to say that snails are my favorite little guys.  They don’t have as many legs as the rest of the creepy crawlies. ๐Ÿ˜›
Butterflies are pretty cool too although I caution the boys to look but not to touch these fragile insects.
Isaiah likes to bring these little guys in the house.  I’ve learned not to be surprised when I see him with a few snails crawling on his arms and hands.  Hey, at least its not a spider!
It would be fun to make bug collecting into a game or scavenger hunt for the older kids.  How many praying mantis’ can you collect? ๐Ÿ˜€
Can you spot the bug?
Have you been Taking It Outside?  Please share!
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