Take It Outside ~ Colour Diffusing

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Take It Outside ~ Colour Diffusing

Take It Outside!
I love any kind of activity that can be taken outside, but I especially enjoy art outside.  I have had the privilege of teaching a number of programs outside, from summer day camps to preschool in the park, it is a joy to share the beauty of nature with children.
Colour diffusing is fun because it requires few supplies and can use the natural elements.
I bring our colour diffusing supplies along on every camping trip we take and have used this technique in a number of the programs that I teach.
Last year I found this fun colour diffusing paper at Michaels in the clearance bins.  We used it all up and I had a tough time finding more this spring.  I finally ordered a number of different themed, shaped packages directly from Roylco.  The cool thing about this activity though is that paper coffee filters work just as well! 

I had the children colour each shape using Crayola markers. 
This patterned leaf is my attempt at colour diffusing.

The kids then dip them in water {or spray them with a waterbottle or run them under a tap}.

The paper just needs to briefly go under water ~ here it’s in the river near our campsite.  The longer that it is submersed in water, the more diffused the colours will be.
We laid the paper out to dry {this one is still wet}.
Once dry the colours appear well blended.  Sometimes the boys will colour over their image and dip it in water again to try out a new effect.  Cool right?!

Pretty details.
Thank you so much for joining us this week! 
I hope that you have been inspired to Take It Outside!

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