Take It Outside ~ Obstacle Course

Take It Outside ~ Obstacle Course


It is day two of Take It Outside! 
Whoop! Whoop!

I am pleased to welcome Margaret, 
who is sharing her very creative obstacle course with us.  Take it away Margaret!
Hi! I’m Margaret from Chica es Artistica! 
I’m a teen blogger who loves to sew, create, and cook. 

I’m so excited to be a part of Take it Outside!

I’ve pretty much spent my childhood barefoot, running around outside.

Today I’m going to be sharing a great way to get outside with your kids! It’s an obstacle course for the young and the young at heart.  My sister and I used to make obstacle courses all the time when we were little. We even taught the dog how to jump over things which probably wasn’t the best idea when she started being able to steal dinner off the counter.

Anyways, first you’re going to need a nice, clear space. It doesn’t have to be very big just big enough to fit in a few items.

Gather simple, household supplies. I like to use things like traffic cones, balls, jump ropes, lawn chairs, buckets and brooms. Basically anything you can find in your garage works!

 You can set up simple “hurdles” to work on jumping skills. Buckets, chairs, or anything similar with something long and skinny like a dowel or broom made a great jump.

A lawn chair or something similar is great for crawling under.

It’s great to mix things up and use something like a hurdle, a lawn chair to crawl under, and another hurdle.

 Another great thing to add in are balls. You can use basket balls, footballs, or anything. For a soccer ball, you can have the child kick the ball a certain distance to work on hand-foot coordination. For a smaller ball, they could try and throw it into a laundry basket before they can continue on.

For older kids, jump ropes are great. They can do a certain number of jumps before they continue on.

My sister is 11 and still has a great time doing this!

A stop watch could be used for those with a competitive edge. For groups you could turn it into a relay.

Thanks for having me and hopefully everyone has a great summer!


Thank you so much for sharing Margaret!  This brings back memories of my childhood as well, I used to create elaborate obstacle courses for my younger siblings all the time.  What fun!

Stay tuned for more Take It Outside all week long!

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