Greek Night

Hey y’all!
You know when you get into a kick of something and could eat it every night? 
For me that’s just about everything Greek.  YUM.  Wish I had shares in Opa.
So the other day we had our very own Greek Night.
Greek Grind chicken, rice, cucumber, tzatziki and naan bread {okay so technically naan bread is Indian, but just go with it mkay?}

Here were our main ingredients {picture mainly taken so that I wouldn’t forget how to spell tzatziki and naan}.
I made some rice and diced a whole cucumber to start.

Then I fried up our diced chicken with some local Greek Grind seasoning {you could use a blend of greek spices found at your grocers}.
And toasted the naan bread on a frying pan with some oil and oregano.

Here’s one of the kids’ plates.
Man, this was so good! 
The next day I threw everything on top of a piece of naan bread and rolled it into a wrap for lunch.  Nom, nom, nom.
Thanks for swinging by!
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