The evolution of a monster doll…

Making memories for my kids is one of the biggest reasons that I create.
A few months ago Isaiah asked me to make him a new monster doll.  I love when the boys ask me to make something special for them ~ I am a momma that is up for the challenge.

I went through a long process of sketching and creating softies by trial and error before I came up with a design that I absolutely loved.  

The jumping off point for me was one of my most popular posts from the past,
this Monster Doll Tutorial.  
And these dolls that I have created for friends and family since I was fifteen.

Dolls pictured: 2009, 2010 and today.
I was inspired by Oscars face found here and some of the great softies that I have pinned here.

The evolution of a monster doll…

In my mind I had a list of features that I wanted to include on these dolls:  a large circle eye, a front pocket {because my kids LOVE pockets} and a scrappy look {so that I could use up some of my cotton scraps of fabric}.  
I had a few doll options too.  A bunny? Or a zombie?  The requested monster?

I have at least half a dozen pages of softie sketches… so fun!

Then I went into production…

The evolution of a monster doll…

The first week I came up with this little guy.  But I felt like he was missing a feature or two and his mouth didn’t stand out as much as I would like.  Leg scraps from these swallowtail shorts and eye scraps from these camping t-shirts.

The evolution of a monster doll…

The next week this bunny came to life.  But I wasn’t feeling the nose and the ears were a bit too floppy for me.  Nose scrap from this bench and ear scraps from this ruffle dress.

The evolution of a monster doll…

Week three I came up with this zombie doll.  Definitely on the right track finally!  But missing the pocket detail and I was worried that the yarn features might be unsafe for the little ones.  Most of the scraps are from these Boho Bags.

The evolution of a monster doll…

Darcy claimed this guy as his favorite.  

It’s kinda cool to see the whole process right?!  And I love looking back at where the scraps have come from.  

We love this years version of my monster dolls!  
The boys have named them “Ya Yas”
Love it!

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