Top Ten Must Watch Picks for Valentines on Netflix

Top Ten Picks for Valentines on Netflix

Hello friends!  If you are like many of us this Valentine’s Day and plan on spending some quality time with Netflix, then I have you covered!  I have rounded up a list of some of my all time favorite Netflix picks for Valentines day.  Grab a Costco sized bar of chocolate, a box of tissues and lets get binge watching shall we?!?


  1.  A Little Bit of Heaven – sure to bring on the ugly cry!
  2. The Time Traveller’s Wife – can you imagine?!
  3. Valentine’s Day – view the day through the lives of many.
  4. Cinderella – new take on the classic!
  5. The Princess Bride – yes!  Just doooo it.
  6. Love, Actually – it’s complicated hey?
  7. Mr. Right – weirdly funny!
  8. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days – how adorable is Mathew McConaughey?!?  Come on!
  9. P.S I Love You – super sweet.
  10. Bridesmaids – might as well end the day with a few epic laughs!!


What are your Valentines Day plans??!  Watching a bit of Netflix?  Please share your top pick…


Disclaimer:  I am part of the Netflix Stream Team and have been compensated  for my participation in the program.  All opinions and reviews are 100% my own.



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