Trick, Treat or Binge with Netflix

Trick, Treat or Binge with Netflix

Halloween is at the top of our favorite holidays list because of all of the shenanigans we tend to get into.  The corn mazes, the haunted houses, the epic costume creations all make this holiday one to celebrate and remember.  This year the boys are old enough to begin trick-or-treating on their own so I may be left with handing out candy and bingeing an a few Netflix Halloween favorites….

My sister, Alicia, is the true scary movie fan and is constantly on the look out for a good Horror movie that would surely leave me sleepless.  I am more of a Rom-Com fan and like to keep things mischievous and lighthearted.  So I have combined our two preferences to create a must watch list for you to enjoy during this spooktacular season.

Gary, and his friends who are into gaming, renaissance fairs and various unsavory vices,
stumble across a rare, medieval board game called “13 Demons.”
“Are You Afraid of the Dark?” serves up a spine tingling blend of imagination and suspense along with a
cast of wicked warlocks, demons and villains.
A doctor who specializes in ghosts is hired by an heiress to rid a mansion of spirits, but his daughter
befriends a friendly ghost that lives there.
Curious young Coraline unlocks a door in her family’s home and is transported to a universe that
strangely resembles her own only better.
Following a string of murders in the asylum where she’s confined, Nica Pierce begins to wonder whether
Chucky is real after all.
Hotel Transylvania owner Dracula pulls double duty as an overprotective dad when an unwelcome suitor
shows interest in his teenage daughter.
A deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a
masked killer appears in her window.
In this horror comedy, a recently married man who wants to bond with his stepson begins to fear that
the boy is a demon.
Turning the classic fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” on its head, this fantasy drama tells the story from the
point of view of the evil godmother Maleficent.
Three friends uncover the truth about a scary abandoned house in their neighborhood that has a
personality of its own and seems to be eating people.
A young man working at a small town junkyard discovers and befriends a creature which feeds on oil
being sought by a fracking company.
When an army of zombies invades a small town, it’s up to an odd local boy with a knack for
communicating with the dead to save the day.
Perennial survivor Sidney Prescott, now a successful self help author, returns to her hometown of
Woodsboro in the fourth act of the Scream franchise.
Follows three priests dealing with cases of a demonic presence targeting a family and a foster home.
After eating a young man’s brains and absorbing the memories within, a freshly dead zombie falls in love
with his victim’s girlfriend.
Looking to survive in a world taken over by zombies, a dorky college student teams with an urban
roughneck and a pair of grifter sisters.
It’s been nearly a year since Will’s strange disappearance and his dramatic return to Hawkins. But life’s
hardly back to normal. Not even close.
So, what are your plans for October 31st?  Will you be binge watching any of these “festive” titles?!?

Disclaimer:  I am part of the Netflix Stream Team and have been compensated  for my participation in the program.  All opinions and reviews are 100% my own.

Trick, Treat or Binge with Netflix

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