Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial

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Now seriously.
How adorable are these shorts!?

Tulle Ruffle Shorts (4)

 Perfect for summer when girls just wanna have fun but still look… girly!

Tulle Ruffle Shorts (15)

My little niece, Brianna, rocked this photo shoot and my sister and 
I had fun styling her {love the bracelet we found for a buck!}
Interested in making your own tulle ruffle shorts?  Here’s how…

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (2)

I like to upcycle materials whenever I can.  
I used a large knit shirt for the base of these shorts.  
You will need approximately 1/2 yard of knit material, 4 yards of tulle and 21 inches of 1″ non-roll elastic.  These measurements are for a size five pair of shorts.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (3)

1. Cut the material using a shorts pattern.  I used a pair of shorts that currently fit my model to create my own pattern.  You can check out how to do that here.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (5)

2. Cut the tulle into eight, 1/2 yard pieces.  Fold each piece in half and sew a basting stitch down the centre of each one.  Use your longest stitch with the loose tension on your machine.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (7)

3. Now create ruffles out of the tulle.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (8)

4. Pull on one piece of thread at the end of each piece.  This will cause the material to bunch and ruffle.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (11)

5. Hem each leg of shorts if needed {I used the existing hem from the t-shirt}.  Next pin each ruffle to each leg of the shorts.  You may want to add more ruffles depending on how full you want the shorts to be.  Don’t forget to leave at least 2 inches at the top for the elastic waist band.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (13)

6. Using a regular stitch, sew the ruffles to the shorts.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (14)

7. Trim off extra thread and tulle.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (15)

Don’t they look cute already?!

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (17)

8. Now sew each leg together {use 1/2 inch seams}.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (18)

9. Invert one leg and tuck it into the other.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (20)

10. Sew the inseam of the shorts together.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (21)

11. Fold the top of the shorts over and create a 1 inch pocket for the elastic.  Thread the elastic into the pocket, sew it together and sew the pocket closed.  Check out this tutorial for more details of the process.

Tulle Ruffle Shorts Tutorial (22)

Now you have a completed pair of Tulle Ruffle Shorts.

Perfect for a little girly summer fun!

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