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Oh happy day!  I am so excited to share my Turquoise Gallery Wall with y’all today.  Last spring I had decided that my living space needed a lighter, brighter refreshed look.  I started by updating my light fixtures and it all spiralled from there…. you know how it is, one thing leads to another and BAM! you’ve created a new fabulous gallery wall for your space!

I don’t have a traditional living space I think.  Our living room does not have a fireplace or mantel.  I have often lamented not having a focal point to the room or a space to showcase the kids photographs or my favorite knick-knacks.

Creating this gallery wall was the perfect solution to this problem!

And gallery walls are far easier to create than you would think.  I swear!  You can check out the simple tutorial for this one on my Instagram account @twindragonflydesigns or find my original Gallery Wall Tutorial post here on the blog.

Most of what I used to decorate this space with thrifted or found on Craigs List type sites.  I love the challenge of decorating on a budget.  Who has the money to purchase new decor every few years?!?  Simple thrifted finds and DIY pieces help to stretch the budget.

The transformation began with this used cream coloured love seat, chair and ottoman that I found on Castanet for $200.  TWO HUNDRED dollars!  That’s a steal and they are in perfect condition.  They are super comfy and lighten up the space considerably.

All of the lighting I purchased new.  This pendant is from Walmart as is the white fur rug that I splurged on.  It was $20 and I couldn’t resist the soft shaggy look of it.  I totally plan on repurposing it as my tree skirt this Christmas!  I love the paddles that I have hanging on the wall, thrifted for $10 ish, they are a tribute to out love of paddling.  Originally from Homesense, I painted white stripes overtop of red ones to better coordinate with my space.

Most of the frames and decor were repurposed from my previous Gallery Wall and had been thrifted in the past.  I filled them with updated photographs and prints that I found free online.

This ladder shelf was a completely new addition to our living room.  My favorite part about it is the space that it gives me to showcase some of my favorite memorabilia.  You can find more specific details in this Found & Thrifted Decor Post.

This is now one of my favorite views in the entire house.  Guests who come over (even little boys lol) often complement our living space decor.  Be sure to check out the Found and Thrifted Shelf Decor, Entryway Lighting and Decor, Dining Room Lighting and Shelving, DIY Rustic Arrow Wall Decor, Vintage Window Decor and Upcycled Eat Sign for more inspiration from our home.

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