Unique Mid Century Modern Wall Unit

Dining Room Shelving

Last year I picked up this gorgeous Mid Century Modern Wall Unit for a steal.  At the time we were debating building a built-in for our dining room to create extra storage.  This wall unit is the perfect solution and has so much personality!  My sewing machine, various sewing supplies and tons of fabric are all stored in this beauty!!  Cook books, extra dishes, our bread maker and the Kitchenaide mixer also reside here.  The most challenging part has been how to decorate this to fit into our space. A mix of modern and vintage pieces is the way to go I think…

Dining Room Shelving

One of our latest family photos, a pine needle basket that I made in high school, a vintage Eveready light and thrifted egg cups.

Dining Room Shelving

DIY serving tray, vintage tea kettle and thrifted books.

Vintage Pyrex

Vintage pyrex bowls and a light up “Eat” sign from Michaels.

Dining Room Shelving

Basket and plant from Target, praying mantis is a family favorite found at a local vintage shop.

Dining Room Shelving

Retro film projector (totally want to get this working) and hard cover books.

Frames on display

This collection of frames still needs to be filled!

Decorating Shelving

This is the view from the kitchen sink with our Herringbone Table and kitchen island.

Dining Room Shelving

I think that I will be forever arranging and rearranging this wall unit!  But it is so nice to have all of that storage!  Do you have any decorating tips for me?  How would you fill this space??

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