Unique Party Invitation Ideas

Hosting a birthday party can be a big task.  You will likely begin by setting a party theme. The invitations will be your first chance to convey this theme.  Create an original start to your party with these unique invitation ideas.  

  • Parachute Men ~ use a permanent marker to write party details on an open parachute.  Fold it back up to deliver to party guests.
  • Tu Tu Skirts ~ attach a tag to each skirt with party details.  Invite party guests to wear them to the event and they become party favours as well.
  • Children’s Art Work ~ use your child’s artwork and drawings to add a personalized touch to each invitation.  Free photo editing programs like Pic Monkey and iPiccy make creating do it yourself printable invitations fun and easy.
  • Origami ~ fold your invitation into a creative shape.  Think of a pinwheel, flower, scroll, crane or cootie catcher.
  • Stuffed Softie ~ use a fun stuffed toy to carry your party invitation.  These too can become unique party favours.
  • Balloon ~ have balloons printed with party details.  You can find many balloon printing services online.
  • Small Toy ~ write your invitation onto a small toy or other item that connects with your party theme.  Flip flops, a baseball, inflatable beach ball or sand pail for example.
A birthday party invitation doesn’t need to be expensive or take a lot of time to create.  Make it unique and personal and your party guests are sure to love it.

Originally written for Okanagan 4 Kids.

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