Upcycled Button Wreath Tutorial

Upcycled Button Wreath
So I had this idea to use up a bunch of old buttons…
and I had this old pool noodle laying around {who doesn’t have a bunch of those? oh.  Just me?} then I threw them together to create this retro looking wreath. 
At first I wasn’t feeling the whole red and black thing but it’s really grown on me and now I’m like ‘hey thats cool’. 
Anyway here is how you too, can use up all of your red, black and white buttons…
First find an old pool noodle and some tape.

Then tape {I used my hot glue gun too} the noodle into a circle shape.  I have to say that I love this ~ all of our pool noodles have a shorter life expectancy now.  And more wreaths are in my future.

Wrap the noodle with fabric. {Don’t use patterned fabric like I did, pick a solid colour that coordinates with your buttons.  The pattern really showed through my buttons so I scrapped my project half way through and re-wrapped the wreath with red fabric. Fun.}

Organize your coordinating buttons.

Start to glue buttons onto the wreath.  I tried not to group the same colour all together.

Glue buttons all over your wreath surface and layer some of your favorites on top of one another.  When you think that you have enough buttons glued on, embellish with some matching fabric flowers and you are done!

See it’s kind of cool right?  And some of my favorite buttons are showcased for everyone to see.

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