Upcycled Knit Sweater Cowl

I tried to simplify Christmas last year.  
For each of the grandparents, great grands and my sister I put together home-made gift baskets.  Inside each one was a selection of my canning, a copy of our Cookbook, crocheted wash clothes that I purchased at a craft fair and a scarf and/or cowl that I created for each recipient.

Here’s the Upcycled Knit Sweater Cowl that I made for my lil’ sis…

I love the color and the chunky knit. 
I made one for myself too ~ how could I not?
My gorgeous little sister, Alicia, is modelling her new scarf.  
And may I just say that I told her to put on something with long sleeves?!?  Seriously, it’s January!! lol  
I wished that we lived closer.  The upcycling possibilities would be endless.
 This is the old sweater that I used to create two cowls.  
I simply cut off the cowl neck, cut it straight down the center, sewed it back up and attached buttons.
Cheri’s Upcycled Scarflette  tutorial was my inspiration.

Thank you for swinging by.

I hope that you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Adrianne Surian says

    Oh brilliant. I was drooling over a crochet pattern for a similar cowl, and wondering if I should give it a try – but duh! Use something I don’t wear anymore that’s ALREADY KNITTED. Seriously, why does someone else always have to point out the obvious? ๐Ÿ˜€ Pinning this!

    Following you now ~ I’d love to see you drop by Happy Hour Projects and link up at my Friday party sometime!


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