Upcycled Tank Top ~ What We Wore Wednesday

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Upcycled Tank Top ~ What We Wore Wednesday

Why buy a whole new back to school wardrobe when we can easily upcycle a few old looks?  I had Cameron try on some of his long sleeve t-shirts from last spring.  They still fit his torso but the arms were now a couple of inches too short.  Rather than throwing them in the “to donate” pile I decided to upcycle a few of them.  I simply cut the arms off and created a few great tank tops to add to his fall wardrobe.  With this knit material there was no need to serge or hem the edge.

Upcycled Tank Top ~ What We Wore Wednesday

We added a couple of DIY accessories to complete this all boy look.

Upcycled Tank Top ~ What We Wore Wednesday

Ironman Necklace: DIY {$0.50}
find the tutorial here
Tank Top: DIY {$0}
upcycle from a long sleeve t-shirt
Cool Cuff: DIY {$0.50}
find the tutorial here
Jeans: TCP ~ the childrens place {$9.99}
Belt: DIY {$1.99}
find the tutorial here
Shoes: TCP ~ the childrens place {$5.99}

Total: $18.97

Someone recently told me that “kids don’t wear handmade clothing any more.”  What do you think?  Are kids too cool to wear home made?  There was a commercial {from Sears I think} for boys clothing were the mom wasn’t allowed to dress her child in their brand.  The mom said, “fine, I’ll just make him something to wear!”  Then the poor kid is shown walking through the halls in a crocheted granny square vest.  Have you seen it?  

I have to disagree with this statement.  My kids wear home made.  They request home made.  Now I know that as they grow into tweens and teens that will change BUT even the teens that we have cared for have asked me to create unique looks for them, hem a pair of pants or even make a DIY halloween costume.
I hope to inspire other parents to include bits of do it yourself hand made pieces of clothing in their kids wardrobe.  Doing this can not only be fun but cost effective as well.

So do your kids wear home made?  Why or why not?

Upcycled Tank Top ~ What We Wore Wednesday

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  1. Work it Mommy says

    Your son looks so cool! I never thought of upcycling a too-small long sleeve into a tank top, genius! I also pinned your belt tutorial- I have a daughter but your technique is too good to pass up. Thanks!
    Whitney @ work-it-mommy.blogspot.com

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