Valentine Whoopie Pie


Valentine Whoopie Pie
Hello friends!
Valentine’s Day is kind of fun at our house.  Surrounded by boys {even the dog and lizard are boys!} it gives me an excuse to bring on the PINK! even if it’s just in these Valentine Whoopie Pies.


Valentine Whoopie Pie
The best recipes are ones that have been handed down from generation to generation.  So I created theses cookies using my great grandmas Sugar Cookie Recipe as the base.  I simply whipped up a batch of cookie dough and added a bit of red food colouring.  Then my assistant baker, Isaiah, and I rolled the dough into walnut sized balls and baked.  Once cool I piped our filling onto the underside of one cookie before sandwiching it with another cookie.  There are a wide variety of fillings that you can use to create a whoopie pie.  I simply used store bought white frosting {from a tub} brilliant right?!
Valentine Whoopie Pie
These were super delicious and pinkalicious ~ a perfect addition to our Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Valentine Whoopie Pie

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