Waffle Beanie attempt…


Trying out new crochet patterns can be fun… and challenging.  In my experience the finished project doesn’t always turn out the way you expect or the right size to fit whomever you are making it for.  
I follow a number of talented crocheters on Instagram.  One of the ladies that has a ton of fabulous hats and patterns is Liz from Playin’ Hooky Designs.  When I first saw her waffle beanies I knew that I had to try that out myself!  So I purchased her Big Waffle Beanie pattern and I have to tell you that she has the best, most detailed patterns that I have yet to come across.  AND my hat turned out to be the perfect size for my Dad at Christmas!!!  Big time bonus points.  So if you are looking for a new beanie pattern to try, check out Playin’ Hooky {this is not a sponsored post ~ just sharing a great crochet resource!}


The waffle was easy to create and after a few rounds I really started to get the hang of it.  This beanie is created flat {in a rectangle shape} then sewn together at the top.  It took a lot longer to make than my usual, crochet in the round beanies but was a fun change {maybe twice the time?}


I might make a few more of these for next year, maybe in a solid colour?  
Have you had any luck with certain patterns?
Thanks for reading!
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