Watercolor Feathers Printable

Watercolor Feathers Printable

Hey guys!!  Every month I am sharing a new watercolor art print.  You can find sneak peeks over on Instagram (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  This month I have these absolutely gorgeous feathers for you!!  If you love this image and want a watermark-free version please consider purchasing the print through my etsy shop.  Scroll down for links to all of the FREE printable watercolor feathers #forthewin…Watercolor Feathers with grey frame DOWNLOAD

Watercolor Feathers Printable


Watercolor Feathers original DOWNLOAD


FREE PRINTS | a few notes:

Copyright Heather Painchaud, Twin Dragonfly Designs, 2015

All images, designs, and text are copyrighted and cannot be stored, reproduced, or used without obtaining prior written consent.

To protect my work, there is a small watermark on each image.  For non-watermarked versions please visit my etsy shop.


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  1. JaneEllen says

    Want to thank you so much for beautiful printable of feathers. The colors you used will go so well with living room colors. Printed out feathers with/without frame so now have to decide which I prefer, hard choice.
    Usually like to change art in change of seasons to appropriate art. Usually always use art like yours to showcase, love art bloggers share so generously. Have had many compliments on art I feature. Wearing out frames I have and sometimes make my own with lathing strips I paint and hubs cuts to right proportions for me. Makes very simple frame but is what I love to use to showcase art shared and not the frames.
    Your feathers are so beautifully done. Look forward to seeing what else you paint.
    Enjoy wonderful Easter


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