Window Seat Pillows

This is one of those projects that has taken me a whole year to photograph and share with you.
My sister-in-law has these great window seats in the kids bedrooms and master bedroom. I created window seat cushions and pillows for them last year.  You can see the complete pillow posts here and here.
We just got back from a fabulous trip to visit family in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.  So I finally have photos of the pillows in place.  YAY!
This is my niece’s girly, girl room.  Her entire room is decorated in shades of light pink.  The window seat really pops with the darker pink cushion.
My sister-in-law has great instincts when it comes to decorating.  I joke that she needs to come do my house next… no, seriously.  These are pieces of my niece’s baby quilt that my SIL framed and hung above the bed.
This is my nephews room.  The stuffed dragon on the right is one that we gave him when he was a baby… he’s nine now!  Boo hoo!  They grow up so fast don’t they?
This fabric was actually from Ikea ~ they have lots of great fabric choices, wish we had one closer to home.
I love the eclectic look of his dresser with the framed artwork.
My SIL also framed a self portrait that my nephew painted and hung it over his bed.  Way too cute!
And finally, for the master bedroom we chose a brown corduroy material that adds a lot of richness and texture to the room.
Simply accented with a few throw pillows and a large floor plant.

I can’t wait to get started on our bedrooms this fall.  I have big {SUPERHERO} plans for the boys room and a lovely neutral pallet for our spare room.  Stay tuned!
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