Wood Slice Valentines

Wood Slice Valentines

Hello friends!  I love, love, love simple ideas that anyone can recreate.  These Wood Slice Valentines are not only adorable but easy peasy to make.  I was gifted a whole pile of wood slices last fall and can honestly tell you that they have been a crafting staple ever since.  If you have the opportunity to cut some yourself or have a friend do it I highly recommend adding wood slices to your craft room stash!  But don’t let not having wood slices stop you.  Heavy cardstock, cardboard or circular wooden cut outs can all be found at Michaels and used as an alternative base.

Wood Slice Valentines

The fantastic thing about this craft is that these Wood Slice Valentines could be used as a gift or trinket for your loved one on Valentines Day OR:

a gift tag for any occasion

an ornament on the Christmas Tree

a backpack accesory

an addition to Christmas packages

as a key chain

added to Valentine home decor

given to strangers as RAK….

the possibilities endless!  Last year I used these to add a pop of texture to Christmas gifts, wrapping them with brown paper, red ribbon and adding a lovely wood slice heart.  I also added a few to my already rustic looking Christmas Tree.

Wood Slice Valentines

It’s nice to have something like this in the house to add to last minute gifts or just to let a friend know that you are thinking of them.  See?  Not only Valentines but All The Times… LOL

Wood Slice Valentines

I simply drilled a hole in each of the wood slices.  I then painted a few of them white using acrylic paint and free handing the paint onto the slice with a paintbrush.  Some I left natural.  It’s up to you.  If you don’t have wood slices I found these Wooden Rounds on Amazon that could be used to create a similar look!

Wood Slice Valentines

Using red Sculpey (oven baked clay) I formed heart shapes about 1″x1″ in size.  After baking the hearts I used hot glue to affix them to the wood slice.  Finally I tied a bit of twine through the hole for hanging and voila!

Wood Slice Valentines

Simply easy right?!?  They would be fun to make with a group of kids at camp or students in class.  While the paint is drying the children can be creating clay hearts.  When they are done baking the paint should be dry and ready for gluing.

Wood Slice Valentines

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Wood Slice Valentines Wood Slice Valentines

I can’t get enough of these cute Wood Slice Valentines (obviously)!!  If you make some would you please send me a photo?  I’d love to see them!

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