Wooden Pumpkin Ornament

Happy Fall y’all!!  We have been having a ton of fun crafting this season and creating decor to celebrate all of the fall festivities.  I have been enjoying all of the fall splendor as the leaves change colour and drop from the trees.  This little pumpkin is the cutest addition to our home and super easy to create…

My friend Sarah gifted me with a stack of these awesome wooden disks cut from a tree branch and inspired a number of crafts around here.  If you don’t have slices of wood you could totally use cardboard or heavy duty card stock to create this craft.

Simply paint the wooden plaque orange using acrylic paint.  I mixed red and yellow paint to get a variety of shades of orange.

Create a hole in the disc to hang a piece of twine.

Decorate with fun sentiments using a paint pen or…

add googlie eyes and a cut out mouth.  Simple and fun right?!  This is a perfect craft for the kids to create and participate in the holiday festivities.  What have you been crafting?

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