Wookie Cookies

Hello hello!!!  At this point are you surprised at all that these Wookie Cookies are on the blog?  You should know that we are Star Wars obsessed.  And with the new movie coming out this month its even easier to combine our love of Star Wars with the holidays and food!  This is not an original idea from me.  In fact it was when someone shared the Buzzfeed video on my Facebook last year that these became an annual tradition.

Finding that original video and link on the interweb this year proved to be difficult!  For some reason Pinterest seemed to be hiding this recipe from me too.  So when I made a batch of these Wookie Cookies I knew that I wanted to share them with you and post them on the blog so that they would be easier to find.  Because seriously, how EPIC are they?!?!  We love them and I now substitute them for gingerbread in all of my holiday baking.

You can find the original Wookie Cookie Recipe here.  I don’t deviate from the recipe on Buzzfeed and they always turn out moist and delicious.  The kids love to help roll, cut out and decorate these little guys.  We use a butter knife to mark up the gingerbread before baking and give each wookie a “furry” look.  Semi sweet chocolate is then melted and drizzled on to form a utility belt.  The boys place white chocolate chips along the belt to complete the look.  You could add chocolate eyes and other details if you wanted.

Honestly if you have a Star Wars fan in the family, these are such a fun addition to the holidays!  Or for celebrating the release of the latest Star Wars movie!  Or for birthdays, anniversaries and office parties!!! LOL  Okay, I’ll stop now.  Just make a few and enjoy would ya?!?

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