Ya Ya Monster Doll Postcards

Ya Ya Post Card (1)

In our most recent Pinspired Projects class we experimented with water colour painting.  
I have been dabbling in water colours more this year ~ creating a business banner for a friend, star wars angry bird images and these Ya Ya Monster Doll Postcards. 



Ya Ya Post Card (2)

Water colour paints can be tricky yet totally fun to work with.  



Ya Ya Post Card (3)

When painting with water colours you have to plan ahead and allow for the paint to dry before layering on darker colours.  If you try to cover up a mistake with more paint you just start to create mud ~ unlike with acrylic where you can apply layer upon layer of paint to cover up mistakes.

Ya Ya Post Card (4)

I love painting these monsters ~ they all turn out to be unique and individual.



Ya Ya Post Card (5)

They have become my logo for Ya Ya Monster Dolls ~ little doll ambassadors.



Ya Ya Post Card (6)

Kim from 733 has been working with me on creating Holiday Greeting cards and Birthday cards with these little guys ~ I will be sharing the free printables soon ~ they’ve turned out to be super cute!



Ya Ya Post Card (7)

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