Ya Ya Monster Dolls BIG REVEAL

I have been waiting a LONG TIME to share our Ya Ya Monster Dolls with you!  
I wanted them to be just right and boy are they ever!
I am thrilled about all of the great things happening in the world of Ya Yas and can’t wait to share all of the details with you but first, a little history…

Ya Ya Mini (1)

Ever since I was a little girl I have been creating Monster Dolls.  I remember very distinctly having one of my grandmothers friends ask me to make her a doll.  At the time it was called a “dammit doll”.  Do you remember them?  I sewed it by hand using some of the scraps of fabric that my mom had in her sewing room.  I painstakingly pieced the doll together, attached a quaint little poem to it with ribbon and earned my first $15 selling monster dolls.
Fast forward to having my own children.  One year for our twin boys birthday we planned to have a Monster Party.  I created Monster Doll invitations for each child to take home.  It was the first time that Monster Dolls appeared on my blog complete with a DIY tutorial that was featured on many well known craft and sewing websites.
Most recently the boys asked me to create a new Monster Doll for them.  Wanting to use up some of the scraps of material that had begun to accumulate in my own sewing room I added a few extra features to the new dolls.  Each monster doll now had the addition of a horn, ear and pocket.  After receiving their new dolls the boys instantly christened them “Ya Ya’s” named after one of their favourite play places.
And so Ya Ya Monster Dolls were born.
Ya Ya Monster Dolls are now protected by copywrite and come in many different variations…

Ya Ya Mini (2)

Here we have Mini Ya Yas.

Ya Ya Mini (3)

Purple Mini Ya Yas help to benefit Epilepsy Awareness ~ read more about our funraising pursuits here.

Ya Ya Backpack Buddy (2)

Now here are some of our Ya Ya Backpack Buddies.

Ya Ya Backpack Buddy (6)

Backpack buddies are topped off with a key fob so that they can travel with you anywhere you may go.

Ya Ya Backpack Buddy (4)

Oh and they have cute little heart bums!  Who could resist those little bottoms?

Ya Ya (1)

Ya Ya Monster Dolls version 1.0
All full size Ya Yas have a pocket mouth which makes them perfect for storing gift cards, little treasures and spare teeth for the Tooth Fairy!

Ya Ya (4)

These are a couple of our “gender neutral” Ya Yas ~ many more colours are featured on our Ya Ya Monster Dolls Facebook page.

Ya Ya Reindeer (1)

And finally some Holiday Ya Yas ~ perfect for stocking stuffing or hanging on the tree!!

Ya Ya Reindeer (2)

   Ho ho ho!

Ya Ya Reindeer (6)

     I love the little reindeer antlers!

Ya Ya Reindeer (12)

So that is the BIG REVEAL!  
Be sure to visit and “like” our Ya Ya Monster Dolls page to get all of the sneak peeks and details on pricing and shipping.  You can also find Ya Ya Monster Dolls on Twitter @yayamonsterdoll and on Instagram @yayamonsterdolls
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