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If you have ever considered learning to crochet then you are in the right place!
Learn To Crochet Blog Series #howto #crochet


I have been teaching crochet classes for our local Recreation Department for a number of years now and I have finally compiled my lessons into a series of blog posts just for you!  Each post contains detailed step-by-step instructions on all of the basic stitches that you need to know to get started.  Some posts even include a short video that might help as well.  I always recommend trying to go to a crochet class in real life.  It is much easier to learn from an instructor who can tell you if you are doing things right or where you may have messed up.  If you have been trying to follow You Tube videos with little success this is the perfect series for you.  Or if you are looking for a crochet refresher course then Welcome!  Lets get started.

Learn To Crochet #howto #crochet

There are many, many, many different yarns to choose from.  This Red Heart Super Saver yarn is a great basic yarn that is a good value.  Both Michaels and Walmart sell a variety of yarn but at this time of year the selection is limited and can be somewhat expensive.  I like to buy most of my yarn from Herrschners online.


Learn To Crochet

When you look at your bundle of yarn you can find all sorts of useful information on the label.  Most yarn can be unwound from the outside and inside.  I like to use the inside string so that my bundle doesn’t unravel and bounce around as much.  Sometimes it can get tangled on the inside this way though.  The label will also tell you what the yarn is made of, if it is machine washable and {most importantly} what size of hook to use.  For example with this yarn we would use an I/5.5 mm hook.

Learn To Crochet

You will need to purchase a crochet hook in the recommended size for your yarn or project.  I like to use these metal hooks {found at Michaels} as they don’t catch on the yarn as much as plastic ones do.  I keep my hooks in an eyeglasses case along with a yarn needle and small pair of scissors {in the plastic blue case pictured}.

Learn To Crochet (4)

Each hook should be labelled with its size.  The flat, indented part is where you would place the thumb of your dominant hand while you are crocheting.  Now that you have your crochet supplies you are ready to get started!  
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