Yarn Bowls

Yarn Bowl (1)

Crochet season seams to be right around the corner.  I tend to ditch crocheting in the summer but will pick it back up in the fall / winter.  Last winter I asked my grandma {shout out to my 85 year old awesome grandma} to make me a yarn bowl.  And boy did she ever deliver!

Yarn Bowl (2)

She visits a local pottery studio every Monday.

Yarn Bowl (3)

In the space of just a few months she created four or five bowls!
She rocks my world.  Seriously.

Yarn Bowl (6)

I love the way that they turned out and what could be better than a yarn bowl created by my very own grandma?!  Truly blessed to have her in our lives.

Yarn Bowl (8)

If you can believe it, my grandma rescued this bowl from the trash.

Yarn Bowl (10)

A fellow potter wasn’t happy with how it turned out and was going to toss it!  
Can you believe it?!
The glaze is gorgeous!

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