Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}

Hey guys! Are you possibly as excited for Halloween as I am??!?!? The boys’ Birthday is October 26th which totally adds to the fun factor! Check out these costumes that I made for the whole family:

Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}

Awesome hey!? We’re all going to be Yip Yips {from old school Sesame Street}. Check out the video:
My original inspiration was from Disney’s Family Fun site. I had intended to make costumes for just the hubs and I but had enough fabric left over for the kiddos too!

Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}

First off I have tried to make these instructions as clear as possible with a million photos {I have a happy trigger finger – what can I say?} and the free patterns that you can download; for the child sized pattern click here, for the adult sized pattern (part 1) click here and for the adult sized pattern (part 2) click here. Please email me if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

Lets gather our goods ~ a 90″x90″ fleece blanket, a roll of cotton batting, 2′ of black (see through) material, 2 4″ Styrofoam balls, 4 1/2″ Styrofoam balls, 2 3″ Styrofoam balls, 8 pipe cleaners, black paint, paint brush, pins, coordinating thread, hot glue gun and sewing machine. (With these supplies you can create two costumes. One adult and one child sized.)

Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}

Cut your fabric as shown in the pattern. Start with the body and pin the right sides together.

Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}

Sew along the dashed lines shown on the pattern.

Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}

Here’s what the adult size will look like turned right side out. For the child sized costume you will simply cut tentacles rather than attach them to the bottom.

Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}

Cut your tentacles.
Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}They’ll look like this.
Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Now lets work on the mouth.

Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}

Pin the black fabric to the mouth, right sides together.
Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}It’ll look like this.
Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}Sew together. And turn right side out.
Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Now roll up your batting and pin it on the inside of the mouth.Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Whip stitch this into place.
Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Sew the tentacles onto the bottom, layering the longest at the back. Skip this step for the child sized costume.Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Make your husband try it on for a “fitting”. And place pins where you want the eyes to go.
Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Hot glue gun the eyes in place (4″ for adult, 3″ for child). Be sure to take the pins out 😀
Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Tell your husband that you need him for a second “fitting”. Really.Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} You will need 4 pipe cleaners for each costume. Twist two pipe cleaners together and hot glue gun a 1/2″ Styrofoam ball to the end. Repeat.Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Here’s where you’re at.
Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Twist the two antennas together and hot glue gun them to the eyes.Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern} Paint on black pupils. And. You. Are. Done!Yip Yip Costumes {and FREE pattern}
Yip Yip Hooray!
Thank you for taking the time to scroll through my plethora of pictures. I am glad you stopped by. Have a bootiful day!
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  1. katskraps4kids says

    My computer flaked on me so if I post 2 comments I didn’t mean to. But these are adorable and you did a fabulous job! I had said you should post pics of all of y’all together for us to see. =0)

  2. Julie says

    I’ve been wondering what I could wear this year to our Oncology Floor Halloween party. We have lots of little kids, so I don’t want to scare anyone. Perhaps a YipYip would be the answer?! Now I only need to convince my geeky husband to hook me up with a video of them for my candy bag – in case the little ones aren’t as Old School.

    Be proud! You did a wonderful job on the costumes.

  3. Amanda says

    These were my favorite characters when I was little, but it seems very few people actually remember them lol! I’m so glad to have found this, it’s definitely going in my halloween costume ideas folder. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Uh-huh, Uh-huh, yip-yip-yip-yip (lol)


  4. allison @ itstoilegood.blogspot.com says

    these look great! I swear these things used to scare me when I was little! I don’t know why – wierd huh? Anyhoo – you made some adorable, creative costumes!

  5. ellie g says

    Ummmmm…..that is THE CUTEST, MOST AWESOMEST costume in all the land!! I adore Sesame Street, and this was just soo much coolness, I had to stop by and say a HUGE cyber high-five to you! Really. I’m kind of getting emotional about how much I love this. You rule!

  6. Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming says

    You’ve been featured today! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party- I greatly appreciate it. Stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. – Stephanie Lynn

  7. lauren says

    awesome. i’ve only found the adult size on instructables and couldn’t figure out how to make a child sized one for my 7 year old. i showed them to her on youtube 3 years ago and she asked this year. hold old is the child size costume for?? my daughter is about 46″ tall. thanks.

  8. Dorothy-Life With Boys says

    THANK YOU!!!! I am making this for my teenage son who needs a costume for a marching band concert (in 3 days!). I’m soooo excited to find this pattern. I’ll share with you when I’m done. THANK YOU!!!

  9. catbelly says

    Yip Yip costume: I think I did the lip wrong. Was I supposed to leave a few inches of mouth fabric around the edge when I was sewing in the black mouth? I don’t understand where/how I’m supposed to put the batting to make the lip, as the black fabric is sewn right to the edge of the fleece. Please help.

  10. KATHY says

    I hope you still remember how to make your Yip Yip costume. I am a great fan of them also. I’ve always wanted to make them for Halloween. I’m 70 and there couldn’t be a better time to try. I understand most of your instructions. I haven’ t cut anything yet I just can’t follow where the mouth will go. I think once it is cut out and sewnI will see it more clearly. Is that a seam down the front? Would appreciate anyhelp you can give me.
    Thank you,
    The outfit will be for me.

  11. Stephanie says

    Hi, Heather! Thank you for the tutorial! I am having problems with the lip of the mouth. I saw on the other comments that you put batting on the inside and pull fabric to mouth seam. I am having trouble pinning stretched enough where the mouth looks pronounced. My question is do you have any other tips and tricks for lips. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  12. Chris says

    I’m a complete novice at this and I’m having trouble following this tutorial. I have a lot of questions; please bear with me. 🙂

    I’m looking at the pattern in pdf format, and rotated the image to where your handwritten “1 of 2” is in the upper left hand corner.

    – Where is the “head,” “mouth,” and “front” from the photo in the tutorial in relation to your drawing/pattern?
    – The way I get the 35″x 35″ dimension is if I fold the fabric twice; giving me four layers (single folding will give me 35″ x 70″). Am I supposed to fold the fabric/blanket twice? If so, what is your “sew” line referencing? Am I supposed to sew through all 4 layers?

    I don’t see a seam down the front in the photos with the finished product.

    I appreciate any help. Thanks.


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